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Our Development Path

Focus on outcomes drives our development cycle. From conceptual design through development and implemntation we are driven to make sure our deliverable materially impacts the business model of our clients.

  • Concept is often difficult to nail down because clients typically don't possess a working knowledge of the technologies available. That's where our collaboration during this initial step is crucial. We advance concept to design with our intelect in technologies and demanding attention to project outcomes. After all it is about improving your business.
    • Develop conceptual model
    • Target required technologies
    • Identify measurables for outcome
  • Design is our assembly of development specifications, processes, and completed deliverables. The client is consulted during this phase and is required to approve finished design items in order to advance to development.
    • Detailed product specifications developed
    • Development & Implementation processes established
    • Graphic and emedia assets design
  • Development is where it all comes together and no items move forward without confirmation to specifications and rigerous testing for use. We are highly focused on the product that comes out of development and its assured success in its applied application.
    • Build and test
    • Assess for possible design modifications
    • Conduct operational reviews
  • Implementation results from the clients approval of development and access to technology for product to reside. This is the final step and requires actual use of the product in it's final state for client evaluation.
    • Installation to client's technology
    • Real use testing on client's technology
    • Warrenty of deliverable for 60 days


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